Webs.com Case Study: Marketing Communications

Situation: Webs.com, a nine-year old SaaS company that provided self-serve website development through online subscriptions, needed to position themselves for acquisition or merger over a 12-18 month timeframe. They also were considering changes to SaaS platform and an acquisition that would allow them to take advantage of the growing popularity of Facebook.


  • Position Webs.com as a leader in the website creation space for small businesses
  • Raise Webs.com visibility in traditional and  tech media to position them for acquisition
  • Build awareness of the company in the social media sector



  • Develop a marketing communications program that position the company and its executives as subject matter experts in SaaS application development
  • Extend the Webs.com brand into social media applications and platforms
  • Unify Webs.com’s social media communications across key sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Use industry “influencers” to amplify the Webs.com message



  • A comprehensive marketing communications program was developed for Webs.com that included media placements, executive speeches, award recognition and social media communications development.
  • In February, 2011, Webs.com acquired Pagemodo, a Facebook Fan Page application, with a loyal following.  The acquisition was announced through traditional press release distribution as well as social media outlets and blogs.
  • Webs.com CEO Haroon Mokhtarzada was invited to speak at several conferences, including Hosting on in San Diego.
  • Industry analyst briefings were scheduled to position Webs.com as a leader in the SaaS space.



Webs.com was covered in both technology and business media, including TechCrunch, San Francisco Chronicle, Inc. and Entrepreneur.

Key influencers magnified the Webs.com message, with the acquisition of Pagemodo receiving more than 600 separate hits on Twitter and reaching more than 400,000 Twitter users. Key Facebook blogs (target audience) picked up the news and wrote reviews on the new Webs.com Family of products.

Webs.com was positioned as an industry leader and as a result was acquired by Vistaprint in December, 2011 for $117 million, almost one-year to the day of the start of the new marketing communications program.

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