What LinkedIn Live is REALLY All About…

This past Tuesday evening, we held our 14th LinkedIn Live Raleigh at the Lincoln Theater.  300 plus people in attendance.  Massive amounts of door prizes.  A good time had by all.

While all the things I described above are great, they pale in comparison to what I believe LinkedIn Live is all about…paying it forward.  To illustrate, let me share two stories.

Over the last year I have had the privlige of getting to know Rich Santoriello, a giant of a many in many ways.  One of the things that strikes you when you meet Rich is that he’s always smiling.  Somewhat unusual for a man who’s been out of work for several months.

Rich came up to me at the end of the evening on Tuesday, big smile on his face, and related this Pay it Forward Story.  He was approached by a LinkedIn Live attendee who had won a $50 gift card to a local grocery store.  She knew he was out of work and offered the card to him saying he needed it more than she did.

Now normally that would be a great story in and of itself, but here’s the kicker, and the reason that Rich was smiling so broadly when he talked to me.  “My 11th Anniversary is tomorrow, Chuck,” Rich said, “and thanks to the pay it forward gift I received, I can go to the store, buy a cake for my wife and celebrate at home with her!”

Not sure if I can say anymore than that.

The second story comes from Chris Duke, proveyor of Anna’s Gourmet Cookies, THE BEST chocolate chip cookies I have EVER tasted.
www.annasgourmetgoodies.com www.outsidetheoven.com Chris is a dear friend and the humblest guy I know.  Here, in his words, is the story:

I was just thinking as I was driving home that one of the best things for me about the LinkedIn Live events is that I always walk away thinking to myself, ‘Okay, what can I do now that would be very cool and would help someone else?”  I decided that as a part of my door prize, I’m going to put that same card (that you read on stage) in the cookies that we send to the recipient from tonight’s winner, so that they in turn, can do the same thing for someone else, and pay it forward again.  This type of energy is so contagious and so very valuable.  I hope you grasp the power of what it is you really are doing.

As I was leaving, I spoke with a young lady I met tonight (I’m still not great with names), but she was out of work, had not been out for awhile and won a gift certificate.  She said it is amazing how things just show up right when you need them.  I could not agree more.  The more you look, the more stuff shows up.

The more you look, the more stuff shows up.  Amen Brother!  Paying it Forward is easy, once you get in the habit. Thanks Rich and Chris, for reminding me what LinkedIn Live is REALLY all about!

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5 Responses to “What LinkedIn Live is REALLY All About…”

  1. Wes Elder says:

    You are so right Chuck. To be right there at that moment when someone kindly “pays it forward” is a blessing in itself and Tuesday Night was filled with selfless acts of kindness.

  2. Angel Lebak says:

    Great Stuff Chuck, and yes, it does come back around! YOU ROCK! Keep up the great work!

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  4. Fonda says:

    After Tuesday’s Live Event I was so energized to introduce people and link them to others and plant the seed of pay it forward. Thanks Chuck for a great event.

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