Valentines Day All Year Long

What is it about Valentines day that sends us guys into a panic every year?

As background I have been married to the love of my life, Stephanie,  for almost 10 years now.  stephanie1

She is an amazing woman – entrepreneur, mother and my best friend.  Yes, as I’m fond of saying I married WAY up!

We have taken on the philosophy that while Valentines Day is a nice time to stop and be together and love one another, if you don’t do that all year long then what’s the point.

Honestly, she makes this point better than I do on her blog – Choose a Better Life

Her take on it:

I know that saying, “I love you” not only lets the other person know how I feel, but it also fills my heart with joy.  And I take comfort in knowing that if something were to happen to me today, the ones I love would know how I feel.  They would never question our relationship.

So as Valentines Day approaches, this post is my way of saying I love you to the best gift a guy could ever ask for on that special day – and for the rest of my life.

My challenge to you – say I love you more often, with meaning and all year long.

Pay it forward this Valentines day to the ones that you love who haven’t heard it enough!

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2 Responses to “Valentines Day All Year Long”

  1. You made me teary. Thanks Honey. I love you too, dearly.

  2. Greg Hyer says:

    Chuck, Good stuff! I will take that challenge because it is just as important to pay it forward when it comes to your better half.

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