The Power of LinkedIn – What You’re Missing…

In a recent article in AdAge, Irina Slutsky offered a great overview of the Power of LinkedIn - See article here

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner pointed out in the article that “Facebook is broad and horizontal and its killer apps are social gaming and sharing, “Twitter is an app for social communication that is used for broadcasting what you’re up to. LinkedIn is a professional network.”

To me, that’s the key: professional network.  But, most people miss the power of LinkedIn and don’t understand how to take advantage of its amazing reach and functionality.

When I speak on the topic of using LinkedIn for Personal and Professional Branding, I always mention Facebook’s great member numbers – more than 500 million at last count – and I then ask the audience to tell me how many LinkedIn members there are currently.  Few get the actual number – more than 80 million!

Over the past 5 years I have built up my professional network using LinkedIn, and in the last two years augmented that with this website and Twitter.  During that time, I have discovered, refined and now teach, how to make the most out of LinkedIn.

The examples of how I have used LinkedIn to build my professional practice are many, inlcuding securing clients, speaking engagements and even finding the right CPA.

Chuck Hester Enterprises now offers LinkedIn Boot Camps to companies that want to train their sales forces, customer service folks, marketing departments – you name it – on how to use LinkedIn to find new customers, retain their current ones and build a professional brand that resonates.

For my business, LinkedIn is so powerful that when I launched my new business earlier this month I did not revamp my website into a business site, but rather maintained this site and made a few key changes on my LinkedIn profile.

Now, when potential clients need to know about my services, I point them to and to my LinkedIn profile with key recommendations on my services, and my speaking topics.

So, the questions is, are you missing out on the Power of LinkedIn? Has the flash and fun of Facebook or the shiny object that is Twitter caused you to ignore the most important business network available?

Think about it.  And, think about your potential and current customers and where they live.  Are you in the same neighborhood?  I would be willing to bet that neighborhood is LinkedIn!

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