The Leave it Better Initiative – a Pay if Forward Concept for travellers!

A dear friend, Lea Woodward is a LIP – not a sassy lady – but a Location Independent Professional. She travels the world whenever she wants, consulting as she goes via the net. A goal of my wife Stephanie and me is to follow her lead.

Lea is also an advocate of the Pay it Forward lifestyle. Her “take” on it is now coming to fruition, it’s called the Leave it Better Initiative.

Here’s Lea’s description:

The Leave It Better initiative is an initiative inspired by our travels around the world.

It’s been created from the realisation that many of us are far more privileged than many people around the world who live in the places we visit and whose hospitality often makes our stay even more special.

This is our way of “giving back” and of saying “thank you”.

Every place we visit, we want to Leave It Better than when we arrived.

I would encourage you to check out Lea’s LIB site and decide for yourself. I believe she’s got the right idea!

It’s amazing to see the number of individuals who are coming forward on the Pay it Forward Chronicles. Comments are ALWAYS welcome!

Until next time,

Paying it Forward,


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2 Responses to “The Leave it Better Initiative – a Pay if Forward Concept for travellers!”

  1. Lea says:

    Thanks for the support Chuck…love the new blog and to see your Pay It Forward movement in the blogosphere.


  2. Aneta says:

    Hello Chuck,

    I need pay-it-forward help. Maybe someone reading your blog can help me?

    My name is Aneta Bereda. I live and work in Poland. I spent over 10 years working for one company and I decided to leave because I had enough. Working for this company I was studying the same time it was very hard for me but I thought that in future will be some kind of reward for me.

    Finally it was not any reward only bitter taste in my mouth how my boss and people treat me. This is my actual situation.

    I am not paid enough to rent 40 meter sq.flat and eat every month. My 19 years old car needs service and I cannot pay for it. My boss is most successful car dealer but he will not lease me car.

    I work in PR and my boss hired someone to do a job I am responsible because of friend connection. (It was disaster.) What is more they wanted me to be recepcionist as a substitution. I said NO!!!

    My fiancee is a proud man from your country. I met him in 2005 and I opened my own company in 2006. I am struggling to find a clients and keep working for my boss at same time.

    I went to meet my Dean from university and ask for advice what can I do. He offered me to sleep with him so after maybe he can help me. I runaway from this meeting did not say anything. It was like slap into my face.

    Together with my fiancee who has worked in PR trying very hard to work but we can not even set up our blog because nobody here wants help us but if you offer them a lot of money yes they will steal and you will never see them again. This is what has happened to my fiancee’s money before he learned.

    Although I am Polish I am ashamed of people here.

    I want achieve something in my life not only be someone’s slave.

    I am embarassed to admit all this to you but I cannot eat my pride. The situation is very bad. I am not asking for more than just the opportunity to live my life with dignity. What would you do be in my shoes?

    In my blog I want my corporate ID. I would like paste something, put video and write. I am not very technical. I also want my fiancee to do same. I need someone format my blog and someone explain so I try blogging for first time.

    Would someone help me please? Would someone take this project from its beginning to its end without charge?

    I am sorry for my poor English. I usually ask my fiancee to help my spelling and grammar. I hope you can understand. I hope someone can help.


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