The Big Game, Steve Young and Paying it Forward

Hall of fame Quarterback Steve Young is at the Super Bowl, according to a report from NPR (yes, Mom, I listen to NPR!).  Not exactly earth shatering news except when you hear this story:

As autograph seekers wait for Steve Young to make an appearance one in particular is hoping for luck. This person is trying to make ends meet anyway he can by selling autographs of sports celebs….today it’s Steve Young.

Young emerges with his child in his arms.  Difficult to get an autograph?  Not in this case.  He stops, signs until his wrist is sore, and is a true crowd pleaser.

He is heard saying “if a flick of my pen will help someone make their rent payments, then I’ll sign all day long.”

Thanks Steve Young for being a class act and truly Paying it Forward!

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  1. Steve Young is a classy guy. Somewhere, even at his age, a moma is smiling with pride!

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