Pay it Forward Stories – Part One

Recently, I asked for submissions of Pay it Forward stories through LinkedIn’s Answers section. I was overwhelmed with the responses – more than 25 in all.

The first one is from Diane Eller. I will post many more over the next week or so.

What struck me as I read this one is that it shows the young people sometimes get it better than us grey hairs…

Recently, my daugher Estelle, student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, told me her experience, a great Pay-it-Forward story. She was filming people entering the Hockey Stadium for a NHL game that night, as part of her school project, and it also invloved interviews and then filming the reactions of the spectators coming out once the game was over.

As she went about doing her filming activities before the game, a young man approached her and said, “here are two tickets, if you care for the game, as I have an urgent situation and cannot stay.” She took the tickets, with a great feeling of excitement (she’s a big hockey fan), but given all the equipment she had to carry around, and given the time frame for her project, she quickly realized she could not keep the tickets.

She told me: “I thought of selling the tickets, as they were worth over $125, but then reflected on the fact that they had been given to me, so I decided to give them away, and keep this a worthy cause.”

She then handed them to a man and his young son, looking to buy tickets. They said they could not afford to buy them and she replied, no worry, they are free, they come from this other fellow, and it is my pleasure that I offer them to you.

Well, needless to say, the man was so amazed, he asked if he could do anything for her, and took down her name for possible student jobs around her area.

She returned home that night with a smile, knowing she had really done well to give those tickets back. As she put it: we just never know what will come of this, but admitted she did not do it to get anything out of it. I applaud her bright decision. It’s all about paying-it-forward, and I am a proud mom!

Thanks Diane, what a great story. And to anyone in the Toronto area, if you know of student jobs – contact me and I’ll get the information to Diane and Estelle!

Until next time. Continue to Pay it Forward. Watch what happens to the world around you!


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