On Transparency, Titles and the Personal Touch

Several things have occurred in the last few weeks that have prompted me to write this post.  I want to address what I believe is an issue that has crept into our lives recently: the lack of the personal touch.

I have been in contact with two different individuals – no names here – that approach this in different ways.

One is an owner of a service organization – let’s call him “George”.  Very successful, well known in the community.  While trying to set up a time where we could meet, I emailed George with a few suggested meeting times.  What I got back was a reply from someone I’d never heard of before from the same organization.  It turns out he worked for the person I wanted to meet with and was “setting up the appointment.”

Now I get that we are all busy, but this individual was the one that wanted to meet me – and had prompted the emails in the first place!  To say I was somewhat turned off would be an understatement.  We have still not met, by the way – as “George” works out his schedule and I decide if I want to take the meeting!

Contrast with a more recent interchange with another very successful individual in the area.  This is a gentleman that has a signficant stake in the Raleigh marketplace.  Approachable (as was George in person by the way) but I’m sure extremely busy.  We agreed we should meet over lunch and compare notes, and see how we could be of service to each other.

This man, let’s call him Ringo, was 180 degrees from George.  He was accessible, and made himself available for a preliminary call before we actually met again.

While I was on the phone with Ringo, it struck me just how busy he was, as I could hear his assistant asking him a question.  He excused himself from the call for a second, answered her, then came right back on the call.  PLUS he apologized for interrupting our conversation.

For perspective, this is one of the most important men in Raleigh.  He could have easily had an executive assistant set up the meeting and be done with it.  Instead he chose to take his valuable time and give the personal touch.

It lead me to this question: Are you more of a George or a Ringo?  Are you more interested in titles or transparency?  Do you hide behind assistants and turn people off  in the process?

Think about it! I continually say that we need to treat our connections like they’re standing right in front of us.  Would you have an assistant take on an in-person conversation for you?

Remember, how we are perceived online translates into real life.

Pay it Forward by treating your connections like the real and important people they are.  Show them the personal touch!

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4 Responses to “On Transparency, Titles and the Personal Touch”

  1. Hi Chuck,

    George reminds me of a financial planner I met at a networking event a few months back. I cut off her pitch politely, and two weeks later she gets her assistant to call me to set up an appointment. (And said assistant calls three times and hangs up–no voice mail message–before I’m around to pick up the phone.) Even if I were interested, I’m certainly not interested in doing business with someone who’s too busy (or self-important?) to talk to me before they even get the business.

    This is a great post about reputation; yours will always be better if you’re personal and authentic.

    Have a great weekend,

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  4. Dean Holmes says:


    Funny timing with my post and yours-love that. I have always, always been accessible but some do play the game of calendar juggle.

    No worries though, we just surround ourselves with those that want to move forward and make things happen. In social, my mantra has been and always will be to help others first, with no possible payback outcome and no baggage about it.

    Great stuff.


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