On Attitudes in Social Media

I’ve been “hanging around” social media sites for several years.  Of course LinkedIn is my platform of choice for business, but I am also learning to love Twitter.

What strikes me about social media – as an observer and a participant – is the general positive attitudes that pervail.

Mankind – particularly Americans – love their soapboxes.  Give them a platform (pun intended) to speak their minds, and they usually will.  It’s easy to get on Twitter or LinkedIn and complain about the weather, the neighbors, the work you have left to do in the day.

But for the most part I’ve found the direct opposite.  There are posts of “make it a remarkable day” and “thanks for the information” throughout both Twitter and LinkedIn.

My challenge to you today is a simple one – if you are on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and you post regularily – make the post a positive one instead of complaining.

Sure, we are to stand up for what we believe is wrong and social media has done more to move the citizen journalism forward, I get that part.

But what would happen if we posted more positive information?  Might just rub off into our offline lives.  Hmmm….

Stay well, stay connected, continue to pay it forward!

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2 Responses to “On Attitudes in Social Media”

  1. Donald says:

    I sure hope so. I’m all about NOT stewing on something… enjoying my days… and doing my best to help other people smile. “It’s an ordinary day… and it’s all your state of mind.” (song reference, may be cheesy… but true)

  2. Victor says:

    Great article about paying it forward. Loved the movie, love the concept more.

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