It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year….

Ahhh, Christmas.  With the turning of the page on the calendar from November to December comes my favorite time of the year.  Past the hype of Cyber Monday and having survived Black Friday, I can now concentrate on the true meaning of the season for me – and my family: love.

I know as a LinkedIn maven and social media speaker I’m not supposed to be all soft and gushy, but this is what Christmas is all about for me.  The chance to be with friends and family, and to pay it forward to those in need, that defines the reason for the season.

Enjoy Christmas this year by paying it forward and loving those around you.  Be kinder, gentler, slower and more deliberate in your actions.  Take a minute to add a buck or two to the Salvation Army kettle.  Double the tip for your favorite server next time you have lunch.  Adopt a puppy.  Yes, I said adopt a puppy!

In my book – Linking In to Pay it Forward – one of the things I advise people to do is “treat your connections like they’re standing right in front of you.”  I truly believe it’s important to be as nice and genuine with those you meet online as it is in person.  It’s makes for a much more rewarding online – and personal – experience.

So, enjoy this most wonderful time of the year by finding a way to make this season remarkable for someone who’s not expecting it to be that way.  You’ll be glad you paid it forward – and so will they!

Merry Christmas!

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