It’s a Wonderful Life – If you share it with others!

A Christmas tradition in my family for decades has been to watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve.  This year, my wife and I got to take that tradition one step further when the Regency Theater in San Juan Capistrano, CA screened the movie for one night only this last weekend.  One the big screen, in it’s original black and white format!

Now I’ve seen this classic film about 40 times, easily, so I wasn’t expecting to be “thrilled” or “surprised” but I was both.  Here’s why: I shared the viewing experience with about 150 people. So, every corny joke, every tear-evoking moment became a shared experience.

Two points to be made here:

1. Life was meant to be shared, not hidden. That includes triumphs and failures, good and bad.  I don’t mean airing out your drama for all to see (pay attention Twitter celebs) or bragging to everyone that will listen when you do something amazing.  I mean embracing social media as a “group experience” that is made richer when you are genuine and truly interested in interactions with others.

2. You never know how many people you affect – and that’s okay too.  On the ride home from the movie, my wife Stephanie commented that she really loved seeing it again and wished she could have a “George Bailey moment” where she could see how her life has impacted others. In fact, she’s had an impact on a lot of people.  She just doesn’t always get the thank you cards or comments that say how she affected someone’s life.

But you know what? That’s okay. The biggest pay it forward advocates I know – and believe me I know a slew of them – all have one thing in common: they don’t do it for recognition.  They do it because that’s just who they are, and it comes naturally to them.

So, this Holiday season, remember that it’s a wonderful life – no matter what your circumstances – and share it with others! Embrace the gift that is the holidays – and take a moment to share it with others!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Always Paying it Forward,

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  1. Dan Nelson says:

    Thanks, Chuck! Good word. Keep up the good work!

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