Further Thoughts on Sydney, Australia and Paying it Forward

A few more observations on Australia (Sydney in particular):

1. Opposites rule.  Drive on the left, steering wheel on the left.  Look right when crossing the street.

2. If you’re in Sydney, find Phillip’s Foot restaurant near the Rocks.  BBQ your own steaks at a very reasonable price.  Chocolate store down the street with brownies to die for (according to wife Stephanie).

3. Social media is being adapted slower in this area.  Sydney Herald is all over Twitter the last three days.

4. When you come to Sydney for the  first time, find LOCALS to hang out with!  It makes such a difference.  Our first day on our own was a bad tourist movie, followed by two amazing days with friends we met through LinkedIn that live in Sydney.

A special thanks to John Nematalla, Managing Director of NemCom Solutions – who was our tour guide yesterday.  John is a very giving soul who loves his city and his family very much.   Thanks mate, you really know how to pay it forward like Michael and Wendy Webb before you.

Oh, and John?  Remember that your daughter is a gift – even if she can’t remember that no means no!

That’s all from Australia, I’ll check in before we leave on Saturday.

Stay well, travel safe, stay connected (to the locals) and continue to pay it forward!

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One Response to “Further Thoughts on Sydney, Australia and Paying it Forward”

  1. John Nematalla says:

    Well my friends Chuck and is wonderful wife Stephanie, it was indeed my pleasure to show you guys around. Brought back extremely fond memories of my days at AT&T Australian Operation. Glad to have been able to spend sometime with you guys. I’d like to extend the hospitalities to others that will come after you Chuck and Stephanie. Oh and Chuck, it’s a damn near new experience with a girl (the last) in a family of four boys (20, 19, 15 and 8 year old). It’s a delight to negotiate with her even though she has no concept nor appreciation for household hierarchy (when daddy says no) and no idea of the word and meaning of no. I have a lot to learn raising a 6 year old daughter who will surely take after her uncle (my dear brother) and become aa Barrister In Law. Boy what fun I’m going to have or as I’ve shared with you, the blood pressure will not be 120/80 for long. All part of the fun, games and learning about children and their talents. Thanks again for your kind message and I look forward, very much so, to our next engagement.

    God bless and indeed to all those people out there, pay it forward.

    John (from the Land Of The Oz)

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