Checking back in…

On this Mothers Day 2008 I want to start out by wishing all Moms a happy – and restful day!

The best M-Day gift my wife got this weekend? Me cleaning out the garage with her yesterday! Go figure…

I have, once again, been on the road. The last two trips were the Society for New Communications Research in Santa Rosa, CA (northern California) and Ragan Communications’ Corporate Communicators Conference in Chicago. Got back from that trip on Friday night. VERY nice to be home!

I’m not on the road again for another three weeks, when I head for Alberta, Canada for a marketing conference where I’m speaking on email marketing for small business. Still can’t comprehend the need for a passport to travel to Canada!

This coming week is our next LinkedIn Live Raleigh – number 6 in the series. Already have 170 RSVPs and some amazing door prizes.

A special thanks goes out to Greg Bennett and the Spherion family of companies – four divisions – who have donated $500 in cash for our Pay it Forward door prize drawings.

We will give away two $250 cash envelopes. The kicker this time? The winners do not get to keep the money, but must “pay it forward” to someone in need – unemployed, down and out, medical bills – doesn’t matter. They will then have to report back on how they paid it forward at our next LinkedIn Live in July. AWESOME!

Funny as this may sound, I am truly looking forward to being in the office for the next three weeks. A chance to catch up and make sure projects are on track and moving forward. My company – iContact turns 5 years old in July and will also top 25,000 customers around Memorial Day. Lots of exciting “goings on” as they say in the South!

I will be back next week to report on LinkedIn Live Raleigh VI and let you know how it went.

If you have comments/suggestions/ideas – please feel free to leave them in the comments section below, or email me directly at

Stay well, stay connected and remember to continue to Pay it Forward!

Until next time…


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