#Blessingscounted – Counting My Blessings for Six Days

I just posted  this on Twitter:

For the next six days, I’m counting my blessings online and at www.chuckhester.com Join me as I pay it forward and share the joy!

I am, admittedly, a sentimental guy.  So when I decided it was time for a new blog post – six days before Christmas – I figured the best thing to do would be to count my blessings.  It’s my way of thanking those who have made 2010 a very blessed a memorable year for me.

So, for the next six days, I will post a shorter than usual post here at www.chuckhester.com and also on my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

I encourage you to take a few moments each day and do the same.  Here’s a few reasons why you should:

  • It could help diminish what I often see as the negative flow on social media.  Too often news organizations who have social media accounts talk about the tragedies in live and miss the blessings.
  • Stopping during this very busy season and thinking about how you are blessed can help you enjoy the Holidays that much more.
  • The people you mention in your posts will appreciate your words – and hopefully pay them forward.
The last reason is a fundamental one for me.  I hope that people can be encouraged by mine – and others – kind words and find a way to pay them forward to someone else.

Christmas and the Holiday Season is a stressful time, if you let it be.  Taking just a few minutes to thank someone can make your day, your week – your Holiday!

Care to join me?  It only takes a minute, but the results can have an amazing effect!

To all of you and yours, here’s to a blessing-filled Holiday Season, one that is filled with joy!

Paying it Forward,

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