A True Example of Paying it Forward…

Some may think this is self-serving, but bear with me. I work for an amazing CEO, Ryan Allis, who is “decades younger” than I am, but none the less smarter and wiser.

His new book, Zero to One Million, has been published by McGraw-Hill. It’s an awesome story of how he built our company, iContact, from 4 people to 80 in 4 years with more than $10 million in sales.

I was fortunate enough to come on board in July of 2006 as employee 27. It’s been an amazing ride.

Ryan has no “agenda” other than a passion to change the world. He (as usual) says it better than I can:

I want you to know that this effort is not about me–it’s about a passionate desire to change the world, raise money to reduce poverty in developing nations by improving access to education, technology, and healthcare, and share what I’ve learned while building iContact about entrepreneurship, opportunity evaluation, raising investment, venture capital, web marketing, product development, business planning, finding partners, building a sales team, management, hiring and retaining superstars, organizational behavior, and scaling a business with anyone that wants to learn while spreading a message of entrepreneurial possibility.

I would highly recommend Ryan’s book. For more info on what Ryan’s trying to accomplish head to:


It will be worth the click!

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