Five Reasons I Use LinkedIn Everyday

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      I have been a LinkedIn member since 2004, when I had 37 direct connections. Since that time I’ve built up my network to more than 14,000 direct connections, all through organic means. The power of the LinkedIn network has always been apparent to me, and has resulted in everything from new jobs […]



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Most of you know I’m not only a University of  Southern California alum but a true diehard SC football fan.  When Matt Barkley announced he was coming back for his Senior year it was the best Christmas present a fan could receive.  As I watched the press conference, one phrase stuck out: “We have unfinished […]


It’s a Wonderful Life – If you share it with others!

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A Christmas tradition in my family for decades has been to watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve.  This year, my wife and I got to take that tradition one step further when the Regency Theater in San Juan Capistrano, CA screened the movie for one night only this last weekend.  One the big […]


On Social Media “Superstars” and the Scott Monty Corollary

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As I write this I’m just coming back from BlogWorld Expo 2011 in Los Angeles.  Three days of more than 300 speakers, 4000 attendees and more than a few self-proclaimed “social media superstars.” I come away from the show with a true appreciation for those industry leaders – and I’ll name them shortly – that […]


On A Digital Life and Real Connections

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It’s sad to think that the motivation for me to post is the passing of a colleague in the Social Media World.  Many of you may know that Trey Pennington passed away on Sunday, taking his own life.  He will, as so many have pointed out, be missed. What saddens me is that his death […]


The Power of the Personal Touch

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Early on in your life, you begin to appreciate the Power of Personal Touch.  From a hug from your parents when you do well (or fail) to a handshake from a new friend as your realize the relationship was meant to be, a personal touch can not only mean a lot, but make a lasting […]


New Month, New Partnership!

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Today Chuck Hester Enterprises is announcing a partnership with Media Two Interactive in Raleigh, North Carolina.  It’s a chance for both firms to add to their capabilities – me in the advertising and digital media realm and Media Two in the traditional PR area. I’m excited to get a chance to work with Michael Hubbard, […]


#Blessingscounted – Counting My Blessings for Six Days

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I just posted  this on Twitter: For the next six days, I’m counting my blessings online and at www.chuckhester.com Join me as I pay it forward and share the joy! I am, admittedly, a sentimental guy.  So when I decided it was time for a new blog post – six days before Christmas – I […]


The Power of LinkedIn – What You’re Missing…

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In a recent article in AdAge, Irina Slutsky offered a great overview of the Power of LinkedIn – See article here LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner pointed out in the article that “Facebook is broad and horizontal and its killer apps are social gaming and sharing, “Twitter is an app for social communication that is used […]


And Now, The Adventure Begins: Introducing Chuck Hester Enterprises

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It’s official. As of 2 p.m. today, November 30, 2010: Chuck Hester Enterprises is open for business.  The news release that is scheduled for later this week (are you kidding, I’m a PR guy, of course there’s a news release!) will read: A PR and social media consultancy with a difference, Chuck Hester Enterprises offers […]

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