Valentines Day All Year Long

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What is it about Valentines day that sends us guys into a panic every year?

As background I have been married to the love of my life, Stephanie, for almost 10 years now.

She is an amazing woman – entrepreneur, mother and my best friend. Yes, as I’m fond of saying I married WAY up!

We have taken on the philosophy that while Valentines Day is a nice time to stop and be together and love one another, if you don’t do that all year long then what’s the point.

Honestly, she makes this point better than I do on her blog – Choose a Better Life http://www.chooseabetterlife.net

Her take on it:


Chapter 5 Excerpt: Stories from LinkedIn Live

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Author’s note:  In a round about way, someone suggested I’m giving away the store by posting chapters on my site.  I don’t agree.  What do you think? Particular stories from LinkedIn Live – my in-person networking event that attracts 250 people to each function LinkedIn Live Raleigh started in July of 2007 as a way […]

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On Attitudes in Social Media

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I’ve been “hanging around” social media sites for several years.  Of course LinkedIn is my platform of choice for business, but I am also learning to love Twitter. What strikes me about social media – as an observer and a participant – is the general positive attitudes that pervail. Mankind – particularly Americans – love […]


The Big Game, Steve Young and Paying it Forward

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Hall of fame Quarterback Steve Young is at the Super Bowl, according to a report from NPR (yes, Mom, I listen to NPR!).  Not exactly earth shatering news except when you hear this story: As autograph seekers wait for Steve Young to make an appearance one in particular is hoping for luck. This person is […]

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