Additional thoughts on a Tuesday morning…

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I realized that there are several things I wanted to communicate to my readers, and didn’t want to post separate blogs. So, here’s the list: 1. I have received an AMAZING array of Pay it Forward stories from my LinkedIn question and will be posting several in the next few days. Stay tuned.


A True Example of Paying it Forward…

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Some may think this is self-serving, but bear with me. I work for an amazing CEO, Ryan Allis, who is “decades younger” than I am, but none the less smarter and wiser. His new book, Zero to One Million, has been published by McGraw-Hill. It’s an awesome story of how he built our company, iContact, […]


The Leave it Better Initiative – a Pay if Forward Concept for travellers!

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A dear friend, Lea Woodward is a LIP – not a sassy lady – but a Location Independent Professional. She travels the world whenever she wants, consulting as she goes via the net. A goal of my wife Stephanie and me is to follow her lead. Lea is also an advocate of the Pay it […]


LinkedIn Live Raleigh – A Pay It Forward Experience

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On January 15, I hosted LinkedIn Live Raleigh, a chance for my first link connections (and a few others) to get together in person. 170 people showed up! This is the fourth event since July of 2007 when I conceived the idea, and it’s grown steadily every event – from 50 to 75 to 125 […]


A New Blog

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Welcome to The Pay It Forward Chronicles. If you already know me, the title needs no explanation. For those of you who don’t know me, I invite you to visit my profile page.

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